Carols Daughter 4-in-1 “combing creme” (review)


Price – $16.99

Moisture – 3.5/5

Detangling ability – 4.75/5

Feel – liquid creamy


Image result for carol's daughter 4 in 1 combing creme public domain
I bought this product because I saw it was popular with customers at the beauty supply store, so I thought if people keep buying it, it must be good and so I bought it. I was a little hesitant at first considering the price but with the help of my employee discount I did it and I definitely do not regret it.


The moisture given by this product is alright, but I would defiantly recommend using this product with another moisturizer as it won’t give your hair all of the moisture it needs.

Detangling ability

The detangling ability of this product Is fantastic. When using this product my hair hadn’t been combed in a week and had some really bad tangles this product almost instantly detangled my hair. Although it didn’t detangle the matt in my hair, I wouldn’t expect it to because they were beyond hair products.

Some other things about this product are it smells really good and the smell lasts all day. It is water based and creamy, so it is easy to work into the hair and won’t leave little chunks of product.

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